Binghamton University | ARTS 412 | F 2019

December 5, 2019

Project 5: Timeline Of Chinese Traditional Clothing

For this project, I choose the topic of chinese traditional clothing. One reason is that is rencent year, many yong people in China like to wear HanFu outside. Another reason is the evolution of Chinese traditional clothing also shows the development of China. Also, I think the influence of most foreigners on traditional Chinese clothing is limited to cheongsam. But there are many traditional costumes that look better than cheongsam. I hope to help people discover the beauty of traditional Chinese clothing.

November 3, 2019

Project 3: Article Illustrations

Article 1: How dangers is cyberbulling

I choose this object because there is a very sad news recently —— Sulli, South Korean K-pop star and atress is found dead. Many people said although she committed suicide because of depression. But what really forced her to die was those who make the cyberbulling on the Internet. When she was alive, there was a lot of people who marry her every time. But after she died, everyone suddenly began to understand her previous behavior.Thousands of people around the world sit in front of computers, or holding mobile phones, and arbitrarily engage in language violence on the Internet. They only need to tap the keyboard and don't have to pay anything for what they say.

In this case, I choose the Article about the cyberbulling and hope more and more people can understand how danger is the cyberbulling. In this illustration, I make the people who make the cyberbulling behind the computer. Each of them has a smile on their face, this means they feel happy when they posting the bad reviews onlines. And they are like watching a joke. Their language like a knife hurt the vicitm.

How dangers is cyberbulling

Article 2: Mask of JOY ' smiling depression' is one of the most dangerous mental illnesses

The second article is talking about the smiling depression. This article talks about what is the smiling depression. And also introduce some signs of smiling depression. Smiling depression is a common thing in South Korea and China. Especially in South Korea, there are many young K-pop stars who commit suicide because of depression. The difference with other people with depression is that they usually have a smile on their faces and they look very happy. The day before was still watching her participate in the show, but the next day people heard that they committed suicide because of the depression.

For this illustration, I choose the clown to reflect the smiling depression. Because clown always draw the smiling face on their face. So even when they are sad, the face still looks like a smile. Will not be noticed by other peoples just like the smiling depression patient. And I choose the bright color for the background because I think each smiling depression patient hopes that someone will pay attention to him and help him to come out.

Mask of JOY ' smiling depression' is one of the most dangerous mental illnesses

Article 3:A Staggering Number Of Young Teens Face Bullies And Violence In School

The last article talks about the schoo violence. I choose this topic because I saw so many news of school violence this year. In China there are many move talk about the school violence. Not only fights, but more include crowds, geeks, and those who stand by. Many children who have experienced school violence can't forget that memory after they grow up. And also changes their character and life. There is a small number of people who commit suicide because they can't stand it.

In this illustration, I turned the shadow of the victim into another gun and the people who who hurts him is targeted. Campus violence is not only ibclude the real violent, but also the people who see but are indifferent and the people who spread the rumors.

A Staggering Number Of Young Teens Face Bullies And Violence In School

September 4, 2019

Project 2: Personal Icon

For this project, I made three Icons to show my life. I have two cats and I love them very much. The fist thing I need to do when I get up each morning is to shovel their poop. From the beginning, I thought it was too smelly to accept. But now, I can eat things next to the cat litters. So I make the Icon to show "shovel the cat poop". Unfortunately, I am a little allergic to the cat hair. Their hair caused my rhinitis. In this case, I made the Icon of "blowing nose".

August 28, 2019

Project 1: Isometric Attendance Avatar

For this project I make a people wear the Chinese traditional clothing ----Qipao. And the coiled hair is also a traditional Chinese hairstyle. Another people is a woman with the shopping bag. I choose the red and yellow because I like to eat tomato scrambled eggs.