Binghamton University | ARTS 412 | F 2019

December 4, 2019

Slime Infographic Timeline

I chose the topic of Slime for my infographic timeline for a few reasons. First, it has never been done before and I wanted that challenge. Second, is that slime is very deeply rooted within pop culture. Last but not least, this topic can give me a chance to play with fun colors to represent slime. All the events are connected with a green slime that was created with a pen tool. In my timeline, I used different colors to distinguish the different time periods. For instance, I used blue and green to represent pre 2000's. On the same note, I used purple and pink to represent this century. I used a gradient for the background, as well as for the start of each time period.

October 31, 2019

Article Illustration #3

I chose this article to point out the economic side point of populated prisons. In the USA, many private industries are getting rich from mass incarceration. I wanted to spread awarness about this topic. I took a prominent symbol of America, Uncle Sam's hat, and made streams of money coming through. On the hat, there are people trapped behind bars, and prisoners yearning to free. The streams of money are alloted to a specific private industry that is gaining from mass incarceration.

9 Surprising Industries getting Filthy Rich from Mass Incarceration

October 31, 2019

Article Illustration #2

This article is about interrogations. The first thing that popped into my mind when thinking about interrogations is a man with his hands over his ears. My point is that the man can't handle any more questions becuase it is so frustrating. In the bcakground, I made a pattern of the most common interregation questions. I used a black film grain to represent an eerie mood.

How Police Interrogate Murder Suspects

October 31, 2019

Article Illustration #1

I decided to create a bloody murder scene on newspaper, while showing the audience some forensic tools that could be useful to catching a killer. These tools are fingerprints,and glass matching. I used effects to make the newspaper look ripped up. The date on the top is when the article was published.

Four Ways to Catch a Killer

October 2, 2019

Project 3: Icons

My icons are a Nintendo Switch, a Beach with a wave, and a Backpack. All these icons represents a part of me. The Nintendo Switch represents the gaming side of me. The Beach with the wave represnts my love for summer. The backpack shows my love for traveling. The icons look like they belong together because I kept the same color scheme and stroke size, while keeping similar shape within the icons.

August 21, 2019

Project 2: My Avatar Process

First, I started with a basic shape of a human. For instance, I used the ellipse tool to shape the head, ears and neck. However, I rounded the corners for the ears and the neck. For the top part of the body I started out with a rectangle. I rounded the corners of the rectangle and I extruded and beveled the shape in order to add some depth to it. For the legs I kept it simple and used the pen tool to draw them. I added a rounded recatngle shape to potray hips. Moving onto the second image, I changed the skin tone, added shoulders by using the ellipse tool, and used the pen tool to draw out the arms. By the third image, I drew out the hair usig the pen tool, darkened my pants, and drew a purse. By the last image it all comes together. I improved my hair by increasing its legnth so that it wouls show how my hair falls. I used the pen tool to create my shoes, and made sure my avatar was holding onto the bag.

August 21, 2019

Project 1: My Avatar

I wanted my avatar to best potray me. I made sure to add colors that I like such as purple and light pink. I made my hair long and added a purse to represent my fashion sense. Since this was an isometric design, I used tools such as extrude and bevel to set the edges for my Avatar.