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ARTS 412
Graphic Design Software II

Yiqing Wang

This is Yiqing Wang, an artist from Beijing, China. She's currently a senior student at Binghamton Univeristy with a Linguistics major and a Graphic Design minor. She wishes to be a UI/UX designer in the future.

Riddle Me This Mommy Bear's Revenge LinkedIn

Typography Rddiles

In the first project, the whole class cooperated to make a typographic riddle book using movie names as answers. Here are some of my process documents.

Riddle Me This

My selected movie is "Begin Again". During the process, I modified my work with the switching of design rules defined first by myself, then on a group scope, and finally on a class scope. For each step, I adjusted the mood of the design according to the font and color scheme formula.

Working With the Past

Inspired by Susan Kare, our second project is about designing bitmap icons. Personally, my favorite bitmap icon designed by her is the happy Mac. I have always loved to draw faces on various objects, thus I decided to make a set of bitmap icons that can be used as emojis. Hopefully back in that era, people would like to use them for chatting online.

Bitmap Emojis

I was originally planned to make more icons and make them as a emoji package. However I spent a lot of time on project 3 later and did not have time to do so. I also tried to color the one I liked most. It's a fun project :)

Digital Storytelling

For the third project, I was inspired by a comic posted on Weibo (cr.@混知官方) The issue of animal protection has always been my concern. Therefore, I intend to draw some illustrations to tell a tale of a mommy bear's revenge. The ending of the tale is a bit unexpected. But followed with the stories that happened in reality, I hope this project will arouse people's attention to animal rights.

Mommy Bear's Revenge

Through the process, I spent a lot of time making the illustrations as well as finding suitable background pictures. I also took several HTML and CSS lessons on Although some ideas could not be realized in my final product due to my insufficient code writing level, I am satisfied with my work.