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Hi, I'm a senior at Binghamton University. Expected Graduation: May 2020

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Memex is a system which canwhich can save all the books, conversations and photographs, etc.It contains a huge storage and it could be able to operate from distance. By applying the technology of microfilm and dry photography, items that are placed in thpostion of saving could be saved in the Memex in no time by making a microfilm back up for it.

For the use case: Memex could be used to reduce the study and work redundancies a lot. For example, lawyers with Memex can work more effectively. To memorize lone terms in law is painful. Sometimes, it is very nature to forget some of the terms. We have all seen that a lawyer preparing for his or her case with tons of books open on the table. Memex can totally change that situation. As what the relativity indexing can do, lawyers can look at related terms or existing case at the same time. It saved a lot of time. The one-stop machine also solved the problem of putting books on the table to make things messy. Even when the lawyer who use it in the court, he or she could still open it and get what documents or records that need in no time.

Functional Specificiation


MEMEX is a desk-like workbench. Above the table are removable screens, lamps and switches that control all systems. The copy scanning system is inlaid on the left side of the table. Inside the table is a microfilm that stores all the documents. There is a stretchable keyboard under the table, which can reduce the desktop footprint. Cabinets and drawers at both ends of the table can be used to store documents. The wheels under the table make the table easier to move.


Memex is the most flexible that we could ever seen in the 20th century. With Memex, no one should still be struggling with find books in a huge shelf and even pay to read them. Because Memex has a huge storage space to save all the materials with the technology of microfilm. It is to create a negligible film copy of the materials. For one who save 5,000 pages a day, Memex could save things for hundreds of years. No one should be frown in front of a table since one sentence that needed to be found in a thousand-page book. Because Memex can directly lead the user to what was required and show them all the similar results in the big screen. And Memex has the indexing system that works the most likely to human’s mind. With putting similar marks on the documents, the indexing could be triggered with relativity index for those items that has been appeared before or could be related by the users. No one should put all their important handwriting in folders and accidentally losing them. Because Memex has the function of making photocopy for all the hand copies by using the technology of dry photography. All the handwriting could be scan and saved within no time. With Memex, your works with paper could be done flexibly!

Project 2: Transcoding Data

Project 2: Transcoding Data

For project 2, I make survey about pet, there is the data of this survery. Here is my first draft of this project. I want to make peole can see the answer clearly in the images. For example, in this picture there are two answers. One answer is shows this people would like to adopt a baby male cat. And he would like to feed his cat pet food and nueter his cat. Another images shows this person want to buy a fully grown female dog from the pet shop. And he want to his cat fresh meat and he doesn't want spay his cat.

Project 2: Transcoding Data

Here is my final version of this project. I simplified each icons and combined to be more like a whole. Please click the link to view he answers of everyone involved in the survey.