Binghamton University Art & Design~

ARTS 486
Computer Graphics

Taylor Williams

Senior, Graphic Design BA.

Project 1: Memex User Flow Diagram

My user flow diagram shows the different ways this Memex device allows for easier referencing. To create notes, the user can choose from a stylus scheme, microphone or a button. Each of these mechanisms is expressed with step-by-step instructions to show the operator how to use each one individually based on their preference.

Memex User Flow Diagram

Project 1: Memex Magazine Ad

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Project 2: Questionnaire

9 questions were made to understand the differing lives of 12 people. I was able to create questions to target their ideal day based on fitness and routines.

Project 2: A Glimpse into Design Combinations

The design elements that were used into the final product are introduced here. Each survey response is unique and different from the rest based on each answer.

Project 2: Survey Designs

Here shows a glimpse into a few combinations made from the questionnaire survery answers from 3 different people. Depending on their answer for each question, the design is created to display each persons' answers in a unique collage based on their activity levels in exercise and dedication to everyday routines.

Project 2: Transcoding Data

In total, 12 surveys were transcoded into a final piece. Each person answered differently, therefore each design differs from the next based on their answers that targeted a healthy and fit lifestyle.