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ARTS 412
Graphic Design Software II

Maya Kallman

I am a current junior double majoring in graphic design and business administration with a concentration in management information systems. I enjoy illustration and typographic design.

My Behance Instagram Riddle Book Arab Spring Story

Project 1: typographic riddle

The goal of the typographic riddle project was to explore how typography could be used to convey a specific phrase with as little illustration as possible. While the project was initially open ended, as a group it was decided that the typographic riddles would specifically be about movies. I initially created several riddles and chose my favorite to be featured in the class book. Key for riddles: 1.Wolf of Wall Street 2.The Fifth Element 3.The Maze Runner

Project 2: bitmap icon

This project was inspired by the designs of Susan Kare for the original photoshop application. The sketches above are for potential bitmap icons that represent something important to me. My first icon is tea themed because it's my favorite drink. My second icon is a tent because I love the outdoors!The third is a bee because they are essential for the environment.

Project 3: teach it forward

Teach It Forward is a startup initiative created by a colleague of mine where college tutors can be connected with high risk students struggling with the transition to online learning. The initiative will provide free tutoring services to K-12 students. I designed the logo, site and icons for this initiative.

Project 4: after the arab spring process

For this digital narritive I wanted to focus on the aftermath of the Arab Spring. Since 2011 when the Arab Spring began, the region of northern Africa and the Middle East has gone through a period of political turmoil. Many people are unaware of the situation for citizens in the region and I feel it is an important story to tell. My concept it to open with an intro video that gives the viewer some context about the roots of the Arab Spring and then open up to a map view where the viewer can explore how different countries have changed nearly a decade after the uprisings.

Project 4 Final: arab spring aftermath of a revolution

This is the final product of the digital narritive of the Arab Spring. Throughout the development process I narrowed my focus to only four countries due to the complex nature of the Arab Spring and its impacts. While this project does not fully explain each situation in depth it provides a brief overview of some of the key countries in the Middle East and North Africa to give the viewer some context to understand modern day conflicts. Through my research I found that much of the warfare and instability we see today in that region started in 2011 with the Arab Spring.

Project 1: Ipsum Lorem

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