Binghamton University Art & Design

ARTS 412
Graphic Design Software II

Kerri Kunkel

Binghamton University Senior

Business Administration Major Concentrating in Marketing and Management Information Systems

Minor in Graphic Desi


Riddle Project 1:
Blue is the Warmest Color

Of the three movie title riddles that I created, "Blue is the Warmest Color" was the one that I selected to be published in our final book. Although the riddle isn't type heavy, it does make the viewed think to figure out the movie. As our style guidelines changed, so did my design, becoming more crisp and appealing.

Riddle Project 1:
Trading Places

This riddle didn't make the final cut of riddle included in the final project, however I am still happy with my design.

Riddle Project 1:
The Hang Over

This riddle didn't make the final cut of riddle included in the final project, however I am still happy with my design.

Project 1: Riddle Me This Full E-Book

Clicking on the image above will lead to a full web journal of our class's Project 1 Riddle Book. This final collection of riddles required a lot of collaboration and follows a consistant theme, color scheme, and formatting.

Project 2: Bitmap Icon

The prompt for Project 2 was to create a bitmap icon for an item that I use in my everyday life. My first though was deoderant...thats not very appealing. The next best thing? Perfume

Project 3: Digital Storytelling

My digital story telling project is based around a deserted island. The user finds themselve stranded on a deserted island and must explore the area to collect resources. Resources are hidden and can be found by the change in your curser when hovering over clickable objects. Good Luck!

My orginal concept was very ambitious. But due to time and knowledge constrains, my approach was modified. I originally wanted to have a running timer in the corner, placing a time constraint on your exploration. Events like stepping on nails would reduce your time, and events like drinking fresh water would add more time. If you had collected rocks and dry branches by the time your time ran out, you would be able to create a fire and be rescued! If not, you would pass out from exhaustion and your search would restart. I modified this idea by exploring the island without the time constraint and by allowing the user to identify if they had collected both the rocks and dry branches before proceeding. I believe that my final result still eminates my original idea and the exploration is still exciting. I hope you enjoy my project as much as I did!