Binghamton University Art & Design

ARTS 486
Computer Graphics

Kayla Shafkowitz

Binghamton University, 21, Sandwich Connoisseur.

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Project 1: Camera of the Future: Spec

My automatic thoughts for creating the Camera of the Future was to blend new with old. I wanted to incorperate simple elements from the Polariod, like a dry process, but keep new technology like utilizing a memory card. I created a three tier camera that would work in conjunction with detachable glasses for more detailed, professional use.

Project 1: Camera of the Future: Userflow Diagram

The diagram takes the user along a series of decisions that can be made when using The Camera of the Future. You have a few options to choose from, like using the detachable glasses, or opting to use a memory card.

Project 1: Camera of the Future: Advertisement

The Camera of the Future has a reoccuring theme: duality. I wanted to create an advertisement that depicted the camera's size, as well as function, both professionally and casually.

Project 2: Transcoding Data: Survey

Mental health has come a long way recently, but there's still much more of a journey. These survey questions and answers show how college student's outlook on their personal mental health, and how mental health is dealt with in their community.

Project 1: Transcoding Data: Responses

Responses are coded into shapes and colors from the image above. These two artboards contain how I was able to construct images into answers, and choose the placement for each component.

Project 1: Transcoding Data: Key

Above is one response from a singular participant in the survey. Each component has a corresponding answer to each question as seen in the key below.