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Graphic Design Software II

Jordan Skube

Hi! My name is Jordan and I'm a graphic design and business administration major at Binghamton University. My favorite things are dogs, art, and exploring the national parks with my boyfriend, Nick.

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Digital Riddle Book
Camping Game

Project 1: 'Riddle Me This' - Cover Trials

For my version of the cover, I decided to use colored rays coming from the bottom right corner. I tried a couple differenct variations of adding the square shapes in different colors to represent film strips.

Project 1: 'Riddle Me This' - Final Cover Design

My final design used black film squares and also involved warping the text to fit better.

Project 1: 'Riddle Me This' - Final Design 1

For page 3 of the book, I created a riddle for "The Fault In Our Stars". I began by creating outlines of the text and then using the shape builder tool to separate the text to appear like a faultline. I went with blue and white as it seemed representative of stars in the night sky.

Project 1: 'Riddle Me This' - Final Design 2

Similar to the previous riddle, I created outlines of the text and used the shape builder tool to take pieces of the the word 'games'. I also used the pencil tool to add the crumb details around the edges. This "Hunger Games" riddle was used on page 24 of the final book.

Project 2: Glasses Final Design

Here is my final bitmap image of sunglasses. I created the image on Photoshop using a 32 x 32 pixel workspace and later sizing up the image.

Project 2: Mug Final Design

Here are my final bitmap image of a coffee mug. It was created in the same manner as the sunglasses, but the colors were inverted.

Project 3: Camping Game

For my digital storytelling project, I wanted to create a game about camping and bring humor to all the ways that things could go wrong. I have had my fair share of camping mishaps and still had some of the best trips ever despite them all.

Project 3: Let's Go Camping

For my game, I created pixelized images and animations using Adobe Photoshop. I was inspired by games such as the Oregon Trail, but kept my version a bit more domestic and just went with a story of an overnight camping trip. I hope you enjoy! Click Here to Play the Game!