Binghamton University Art & Design

ARTS 412
Graphic Design Software II

Jada Greene

This webpage is dedicated to the work I have done over the course of the Spring 2020 semester in ARTS 412/Graphic Design Software.

Business Page The New Normal Riddle Book

Project 1: Riddle Me This - Official Web Book

This is the final version of our class web book. Click the "Riddle Book" link to see all 40 riddles!

Project 2: Working with the Past (drafts)

Here are a couple of pixelated sketches for two popular apps that I have re-created to start me off for P2.

Project 1: P2 Icon

Here is my final icon for the Instacart app. I chose this app because it is something i often use and I could easily imagine this being the logo for it years ago.

Narrative for Digital Story

Here is my narrative for our fourth project. I chose to use this storyline because it is a powerful subject and I can already visualize how I will design the web page.


The cover photo to this was my initial idea for this project. In the middle of my project I decided to change my direction entirely by creating a game instead of doing my original idea, a map highlighting the positives of disliked colors. I merged this project with another class so I would be able to put my all into this.

Final project

Here is my final project for this semester. It is based around the current COVID-19 pandemic which has changed the course of our day-to-day routines. The games purpose is to educate viewers in the most light hearted way despite how chaotic the world is right now. The link is posted above under my picture. Hope you enjoy!