Binghamton University Art & Design

ARTS 486
Computer Graphics

Hal McMahon

NYC-based graphic designer/visual artist.

Project 1: Functional Spec

The framing glasses pictured above can be linked to the camera via bluetooth. A button on the side of one of the lenses will activate NIGHTMODE, and will allow the wearer to observe, explore, and continue to photograph their surroundings during the night. The temple tips of the glasses are flexible and extended so that active wearers can be sure that they will stay on no matter what.

Functional Specification pdf

Project 1: User Flow

User Flow Diagram

Although this camera could be utilized by anyone interested in a hands-free approach to taking photographs, it is specifically targeted to those exploring the outdoors. Whether you are hiking or rock-climbing, or perhaps you are a field biologist taking photos for scientific reference. The camera is geared to be adaptive to the natural evironment. It's casing is made of waterproof material and it is automatically responsive to changes in the weather, no matter how sudden. It can also be taken off the head and worn on one's chest if you find yourself in tight places or thick brush.

Prototype Design

The illustration above shows the four different ways in which the camera may function. The bottom two images show the camera with the compartment for storing prints attached while the top images show it removed from the device. The top right image shows the hood drawn out slightly while the lenses are retracted into the camera. This mode would be utilized during a slight rain or snow, during more severe weather, the hood should be drawn all the way down as it is in the top and bottom left illustrations. This would make the camera entirely weatherproof.

Device Diagrams

Advertisement Illustration

Project 1: Ipsum Lorem

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