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ARTS 412
Graphic Design Software II

Chaalam Wilson

Chaalam Wilson is currently studying at Binghamton University receiving his Bachelor's of Arts in Graphic Design May 2020. A former Engineering major, he realized his passion for the arts his sophomore year and never looked back. Combining his analytical eye with a love for design, Chaalam is currently a freelance designer and aims for a career in advertising.

Final Project Portfolio, One Day

Project 1: Riddle Me This

For our first Project, the class was instructed to break into small groups and create Typographic Riddles. BeiBei, Kerri, Lucy, Maya, Yiqin, and I decided to narrow the assignment down to riddles based solely on movies, and our peers soon followed suit. The goal was to guess the title of the movie with as little illustration as possible. The sketches are of "Stuck in Love", "500 Days of Summer", "Into the Wild", "Call Me By Your Name", "Ingrid Goes West", and "La La Land", respectively.


Once we landed on a color palette, I chose a few of my sketches to bring into Illustrator.

Riddle Me This: Final Design

Each group chose their best five or six designs, and after rejoining with the entire class, we all agreed on a palette and font that fit better with everyone's designs. You can view the entire class project here

Project 2: Working With the Past

In this project, we worked individually to create a 32-bit icon to represent a facet of our lives we deem important. I chose to create an icon for excersizing, and was stuck for a while on what exact part of "excersize" I would use to represent the word. After deciding on a dumbbell, I chose the 3/4 angle for maximum visibility in black and white.


The hardest part of this design was making the lightsource make sense, but once I figured it out, the proportions were easy.

Final Icon

After a group critique, it was agreed that the first draft of the icon was too minimalistic, and the dumbbell was getting lost. I added the left corner of dumbbell, and switched the color to add contrast.

Project 3: Digital Storytelling

After being quarantined, I spent some time rewatching all of my favorite Marvel movies. For this project I decided to explore the character development of Iron Man. The user is given a series of questions and scenarios, allowing them to see what they would do in similar circumstances. User options are placed on the left and right of the screen. I knew that I wanted an old-school feel to the project, so I modelled it after games like Dragon's Lair and Akinator. I decided to give the webpage a static background and multiple sprites of the same character for different talking points. You can view the project here