Binghamton University Art & Design

ARTS 486
Special Studio Computer Graphics

Alexander Carden

I am a student at binghamton university working on their last semester of the major.

Project 1: Interface Design

Memex Beginning Sketches and Specs

The design I wanted to create looked like an average desk with a computer. On the desk there would be a scanner that would allow you to scan pages of text into the database of the memex. You could keep adding in more pages until you were done, or until you ran out of space.

Fuctional Specifications

Use Cases

In order to create a working system I needed to make sure I understood what users would go through. One of the major aspects of my design is being able to add aditional information into your memex. The user would scan the document and keep on scanning pages until they were complete or there was an issue.

Use Case

Prototype Illustration

I wanted to create a design that was easy to use and recognizable to a majority of people. I went with the base idea of a computer at a desk because thats something most people have worked with before. I put the hard drives large and under the table in order to give the user access to them in the off chance they fill up with data. Also, I added the scanner to the side so that the user can add their own documents on the device.

Article Advertisement

In order to properly advertise my design I wanted to loosely address the main functions it has in the text. Also, I wanted to highlight the design itself so I made opaque gradients leading towards it. Finally, I wanted the article to look more technological so I added a pattern into the background.

Memex Advertisement

Project 2: Telling a Story with Data

My Prompt

I wanted to creat a way for people to understand how technology impacts your life, but in a more fun way. I started off with the idea of breaking down what someone's favorite device is and how that device impacts their daily life. Since watching the Giorga Lupi video I wanted to create the answers into avatars to make it more personable.

First draft

Tech Designs

I created a different aspect of the icon for each question. As you answer the questionare you start to fill in the person's face and by the end you have a completed icon based on your connection to your own technology.