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ARTS 486
Computer Graphics

Samantha Dorushkin

Samantha. 22. Binghamton University

Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite

Expected Graduation: May 2020

Visualizing Data ARTS412 Instagram

February 2020

Project 1: As We May Rethink

Functional Specification- Camera of the Future

Device: Camera of the Future

1. I am looking for redesign and modify the Camera of the Future. While it may seem practical in theory, I wish to enhance its design and functionality. Simply put, work on its effiency and place in every day life. I will outline the desired modifications to the system below.

2. Considerable solutions-

Size: The proposed size of 35mm, or the size of a walnut, can not sustain the technology needed to run the device. By increasing its size twofold, at a minimum, I am now working with far more space, giving the user an easier and more appealing opportunity. Similarly, increasing its physical holding size allows for a larger lens, thus producing better quality photos on set. Increasing the size of the lens enhances the camera’s stereoscopic effect, creating much more depth in the pictures.

Where: The aforementioned “forehead lump” with a shutter chord, seems largely impractical for the every day user. This seems rather inconvenient to daily activity. I wish to now have the camera worn as a small chest brooch, or a pocket clip. With a secure and sturdy clip, I will limit movement while it is being worn. I find the chest to be a relevant point of a view, as well as an accesible location for removal. With the addition of the securing clip, it now becomes versatile and can be worn / attached to any garment, on any part of the body. I am eliminating the shutter chord as a whole. The camera responds to voice command technology. It will function on a simple, “Capture in 3,2,1” command. Voice activation is anticipated to be a simple, one time set up. Power “on” and “off” will be limited to one universal and sleek button.

Technology: Not yet assessed is the software required to run the camera. What I can confirm is the film bank, as well as the digital viewing portal. Photos are available for a preview indefinitely until the film roll is full. It will also respond efficiently to voice command software.

3. Use Cases-

1. Locate a wearing spot

2. Secure CotF on

3. Power On / Off / Sleep

4. Shot Count Portal

5. Align body with image / scene / moment

6. Voice Command Technology

7. Preview Portal

8. Processing Portal

4. Some Dates to Consider-

February 6: User Flow Diagram I will outline some core functionalities for you in a visual diagram

February 13: Device Design Illustration I will deliver a final illustration of the devices design

February 25: Magezine Ad Design I will mock up a full magezine spread of the device and its uses

The Functional Specification gave me the opportunity to run through the ins and the outs of the redesigned Camera of the Future. By pitching my plans and detailing the Camera of the Future's specs, I can ensure a trajectory, as well as cover for any future discrepancies. I outlined the physical modifications, its uses, and purpose in society.

User Flow Diagram

My user flow outlines the cases of "getting started" with the Camera of the Future. I focused on the user's opportunity to capture a physcial shot, or "moment," as well as preliminary steps for preparation. I sought to create a consistent yet appealing visual. I provided a key for users to ensure comfortability and familiarity with the operations.

COtF Illustration

First look at New Wave Lifestyle & Photogrpahy's Camera of the Future. Join us with confidence as we introduce COtF to society and transform the world of photographers. Details to follow in our next edition of New Wave Mag.

Magazine Spread

New Wave Publishing

March 2020

Project 2: Transcoding Data

An Average Day: Questionnaire

Preliminary Questionnaire to be sent out and surveyed. The goal is to identify and consider the varying ways in which we all go about our days.

Data Portraits

Above you can see a small sample of some of my Data Portraits. The results of my survey on how my peers view their day yielded these abstractions. Linked here, as well as my bio, are all of the results compiled into an interactive visualization.