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Lucky Wei

Hi! My name is Lucky, a senior currently studying Graphic Design at Binghamton University. I'm glad that I take this as my major because I 've never been happier than working on a design project. I enjoy the moment when I get inspirations and sketch them on my notebook. Hope you enjoy my web journal!

Instagram Riddle Book Storytelling

Project 1: Riddle Me This

My first project was a class collabaration and our mission is to create an online book of typographic riddles. Each person was assigned with developing a riddle that covered popular movies titles. After several rounds of discussion, we chose 1-2 designs from each person and decided the book title as Riddle Me This. The typeface is Futura, and the color palate is composed of red, yellow, blue, green.

Here is the official design verison of the riddle book. To view the full book, please check this link: Riddle Me This

Project 1: Riddle Me This

From left to right is my original sketches and digital working process

From my drafts for the riddle book, I ended up going with DR.NO and XMEN for the final version. I did all my works in Adobe Illustrator and then exported as PNG file.

Here are my design version for the riddle book cover. Since it is a book about movie riddle, so I decided to use a book shape as the main body of the cover page. Then I added two beams of light from the left and right to make them look like a movie projector. In addition, those small dots I illustrated represent the spot of light which set off the party atmosphere for the whole image.

Project 2: Working with the Past

For this project, my work is to create a pixel icon. After doing some researches, I decided to design a pixel bunny for my bunny toy, who named Wiley. Also, I'm a bunny lover and I love to collect bunny toys.

The first step is to sketch a bitmap icon on graph paper. After a few revisions, the final version of the icon has been decided. Then I moved on to the digital icon. I used Photoshop to create my pixel bunny and I also designed both black/white and colored versions. Hope you like it!

Project 2: Working with the Past

Here is the process and color pallete when I worked on the bitmap icon. From left to right, I started with basic black and white, then I tried to add simple colors. Next, I decided to give a background until the last one I added some decorations on the backgroud. The working process is interesting and enjoyable, I will keep updating more pixel icons later and you can check them under the Project For Fun.

Project 3: Digital Storytelling

For this project, my job is to create a world and tell a story by designing an online narrative. Speak of an immersive interactive story, it can be many things like cooking recipe, or a fairytale..

All things are difficult before they are easy. It took me a long tome on choosing my story. Finally, I decide to make a website to let people learn more about me, like telling a self-story. My idea is to design 4 scenes. The first two will be in my house with the objects that best represent myself. Another scene I am thinking is to illustrate a Miniature Landscape of Seattle, a city I lived for 4 years. The best choice would be the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Capitol Hill because I have so many memories of it. The last one is the subway station in my hometown and it will be the story of how I met my boyfriend.

Project 3: Digital Storytelling

Here are the 4 basic scenes I illustrate at the beginning

Then I added texts and made them as the animated gifs in Photoshop

By the way, here I made a video version through Powerpoint. Hope you enjoy it!


I am a sneaker colloector and here are some of my illustrations. The shoes in the picture are all from my real life collection. This one is from Off-White, an Italian luxury fashion brand. The red zip tag is the part of the design element but also as the highlight of the design.


Here I made the PDF version for this story. For the final I am thinking of making it as an interactive game setting. Journey of Day